OLEKA MEMBERSHIP has it's privileges...

Membership benefits in the Ohio Law Enforcement K9 Association is growing every day. OLEKA's mission is "To improve K9 use, training and confidence by forming partnerships from multi jurisdictions around the state." OLEKA wants to be the glue that binds all K9 handlers together throughout the state of Ohio.

The members only area of our website offers members ways to stay in contact with other K9 Officers throughout Ohio and abroad. Our members also enjoy a vast Training and Information article database filled with valuable information. Also all members can vote on OLEKA business even if they can not attend OLEKA meetings using our online voting system. A survey system is also included so that the OLEKA board members can get valuable information from its members on subjects pertaining to the Association.

OLEKA members enjoy working and training with some of the best in the business. Throughout each year, OLEKA sponsors many training events throughout the state. Also we have Police K9 competitions and other events so that K9 Officers can get together and trade tips, secrets, stories, and just have a good time. Please contact us if you need more information about the Association or go to our online registration and join now.


Regular Active Membership- any commissioned law enforcement officer (municipal, corrections,county, state, federal, military, fire safety officers, etc.) that are engaged as a current or former canine handler. Active membership is granted to a past or present member of OLEKA, and who satisfies the eligibility requirements and who agrees to uphold the purposes set forth in the OLEKA By-laws, has paid his/her dues for the ensuing year. K-9 members may vote and hold office. DUES = $30 annually

Associate membership– An Associate member is one who is anyone who is engaged in a public service profession in the United States. They must be engaged in a public services agency as 1. A current or former canine handler outside the state of Ohio. 2. Any Emergency Responder. 3. Search and Rescue member for hire or volunteer of and City, County or State Agency. 4. Any private canine handler or former canine handler for hire or volunteer (In the fields of explosives, narcotics, search and rescue, or accelerant.) 5. Any non canine handler or public citizen with the sponsorship of a Regular Active Member. All Associate members must uphold the purposes and objectives of OLEKA as defined in the By-laws and paid his/her dues for the ensuing year. Associate members have welcomed input during monthly and or annual meeting, however have no voting rights. DUES = $30 annually

Honorary membership- An Honorary members is any group, business, company, corporation, or individual, who is NOT a member of OLEKA, as defined, who agrees to uphold the purposes and objectives of OLEKA as set forth in the By-laws. Honorary members must be recommended for honorary membership by the Executive Board. Honorary membership is considered when those groups business, companies, corporations or individuals make a monetary donation to the Association of $50 or greater. Honorary members have no voting rights and membership lasts for one year, and may be re-voted on at the recommendation of the Executive Committee.


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